Hypno Wellness Therapy combined with Hypnosis sessions have been proven to help with many physical health conditions and improve the quality of life. Physical illnesses are quite often a result of negative emotional stress or traumatic life conflicts, science has proven that emotional conflicts can cause a disease process to start in the body.

Charles Vella specializes in Mind-body health and wellness, Charles has studied the theory and practice of Meta Medicine; Meta Medicine is a diagnostic tool which identifies emotional conflicts and why they can cause Physical symptoms and diseases of the body, including syndromes and cancers. These physical symptoms may often resist typical or even specialized medical treatments.

Physical conditions which respond positively to Hypno Wellness Therapy and Hypnosis: 

  • Weight Loss

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

  • Body Aches And Pain

  • Cancer symptoms or treatment symptoms can be improved

  • Syndrome condition symptoms can be improved

  • Some health conditions may heal by the immune system once the
    Bodies emotional system has been rebalanced and calmed

Hypno - therapeutic sessions can be used for just about any condition!

Hypno Wellness Therapy is not a replacement for your current medical treatments and should be used as an allied treatment; always work in with your doctor or Medical specialist.

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