What is Hypnotherapy?

This is a great question to answer as there are many answers and definitions to this question.
Charles Vella - Qualified and Registered Clinical Hypnotist explains: Hypnotherapy according to my understanding as a practicing, experienced hypnotist means having the understanding and ability to not only take a persons mind into relaxation, then apply correct Hypnosis so that the subconscious is online with the hypnotist but also have a sound knowledge and understanding of therapy.  Hypnosis without the knowledge of therapy and how to negotiate with the unconscious mind is just deep relaxation.  Hypnotherapy is Hypnosis and therapy combined to create a shift, change and result.  Anything else is just relaxation therapy.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Any person can go into a daydream state, this is self reflective and not much is sorted out during this frame of mind.  Can any Human being be Hypnotized..? No, people who cannot focus their attention or people who are simple by means of learning disabilities are not ideal subjects for Hypnosis, even though this is the case Hypno Wellness Therapy may still get results as long as the person understands language. Anyone else in the majority of humanity can be hypnotized as Hypnosis is always a result of co-operation between the therapist and the client, so people who want to be hypnotized can and will be hypnotized.

Is Hypnosis sleep?

No. In a hypnotic state you are very aware of what you hear and feel and what is happening around you. When you are asleep this is not the case. At the end of your session you will return to your normal conscious state, generally feeling relaxed and refreshed. During your Hypnosis session your conscious mind may drift off to other thoughts and then become present again, this is normal.

Will the hypnotist be in control of my mind?

No. When you are hypnotized you are co-operating with the Hypnotist, you will be present to your thoughts and feelings. A person in Hypnosis chooses what he or she wishes to reveal to the Hypnotherapist.  As a Hypnotherapist I am your guide, allowing you to recognize and alter the feelings and beliefs that do not serve you in a positive way.  At your request, as a Hypnotist I may let you experience a hypnotic phenomena.

How does Hypnosis feel?

When you are hypnotized you are deeply relaxed, and when you attend a hypnotherapy session you will feel relaxed, comfortable and fully aware throughout the session.  Your conscious mind tends to drift off and your subconscious mind becomes more alert and focused on my words and suggestions.

Can I be taught self Hypnosis?

Yes. Self Hypnosis is easily taught with a couple of training sessions.  Learning self-Hypnosis can have benefits such as:

  • Helping yourself to become deeply relaxed

  • Enabling you to discover different perspectives

  • Relax and rest at any time

  • Helping you reduce pain, stress and anxiety

  • Helping to restore energy

  • Visualising your success goals

What can you help me with?

Using Hypnotherapy and or Hypno Wellness Therapy Charles Vella can help you:

  • Calm and relax nerves, relieve anxiety and stay focused under pressure

  • Better cope with quitting smoking and other unwanted addictions

  • Conquer fears and phobias no matter how long they have been around

  • Improve poor study habits and increase your ability to memorize

  • Gain confidence and self esteem

  • Move past your fear of failure and focus more on the positive

  • Become motivated to succeed and set long term goals with intention

  • Gain control over your weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle

  • Achieve a better work/life balance

  • Deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorders

  • Resolve negative childhood experiences and so much more..!

How many sessions are required?

Just as each client and issue are different, the number of sessions required will be different for each person. Charles will determine how many sessions you require during your first session. Some issues can be resolved in just two sessions and some require more. Be aware of being promised one session, one hit wonder miracles.. these sessions rarely work and or the results are short lived..!

What happens next?

You contact Charles and discuss what you want to achieve with the help of Hypnosis. Charles can then book in a time that suits you and make a start on your desired outcome.

If I am comparing.. how do I chose a Professional Hypnotherapist?

Most Hypnotherapists will present themselves professionally, their websites will be well written and explain what they do well. The information here is a guide and you really need to use your own judgment when talking to the Hypnotherapist, find out if they can help you and have they helped others with your issue or condition.

It's always best to ask the Hypnotherapist if he or she believes they can really help you with your issue. Confidence in a Hypnotherapist is usually a good indicator of the extent of his or her experience. Make sure you feel comfortable and safe with your Hypnotherapist - this will ensure your best chance of success.

A professional Clinical Hypnotherapist will usually be working from a professional building or public premises, and he or she will be insured and suitably qualified.

If you are thinking of Hypnotherapy for your children, ensure the therapist has a Working with Children Clearance and Card to prove their professionalism. Professional Hypnotherapists may also be registered with the National Hypnotherapists Register of Australia (NHRA) and be members of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association (AHA).

Charles Vella is registered and works within a professional code of conduct and ethics by the associations he is a member of.  Qualified.

What is the session duration?

Hypnotherapy, Hypno Wellness Therapy and or Coaching sessions may go from 1.5 - 2hrs in duration and the fee remains the same, the session is not based on time and is based on completing whatever work needs to be done to achieve your result. If you want shorter sessions just ask Charles and this can be easily arranged.

When working with children apart from the first session generally follow up sessions will be for one hour as children learn quickly and have shorter attention spans, be sure the therapist has a working with children card as this will ensure they have been checked and passed by government officials.  

What is the Fee for a Hypnotherapy session? 

This question was placed last on this page simply because the cost of your current condition or obstacle in life is actually costing you more than the fee of a few hypnosis sessions.

Hypnotherapy services are vastly varied and personalized, the qualifications, the skills, the understanding of "therapy" by the hypnotist should be your first priority, all hypnotherapist are NOT the same and neither are the skills.  Paying rock bottom for your session may end up being a complete waste of your money and time.

When considering working with a Hypnotherapist for your issues, ask questions, get answers and don't just book a session in haste or based on price. The session Fee with Charles Vella has been set accordingly with focus on helping clients afford more than just one session, the fee is very reasonable based on Charles Vella's knowledge, skills and experience. To find out more call Charles on 0418 848 121.  

Whatever you would like to resolve, call Charles Vella today to inquire about what is possible for you.


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