Charles Vella Melbourne Hypnotherapist uses NLP, EFT Therapy and Hypnotherapy techniques to help people quit their addictions and regain control of their lives, most of the time in only two sessions.

A few of the addictions Charles has successfully worked with are:

  • Quit Smoking

  • Alcohol & Binge Drinking

  • Gambling Addiction

  • Eating And Food Addiction

  • Addiction to Nail Biting

  • Obsessive exercise addiction

  • Prescribed & Non Prescribed Drugs

Sometimes people find they give up one addiction only to start another. Why does this happen? Most often it occurs because the cause of the addiction has not been addressed, and something at the subconscious level continues to drive your addiction. Whatever it is that continues to drive your addiction needs to be resolved before the addiction will finally stop.

NLP, EFT Therapy and Hypnotherapy sessions can help identify the root cause of the driving force and then stop it. Most of the time it takes only two sessions to quit your addiction.

NLP, EFT Therapy and Hypnotherapy are a safe, relaxing and natural choice for dealing with any issue or unwanted behavior.

Would you like to meet with Charles in person or over the phone to discuss your addiction and how Hypno Wellness Therapy can help you?

You can find out more information about NLP, EFT Therapy and Hypnosis in the FAQ's page

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