NLP Essentials Workshop 
For Effective Communication
& Gaining Rapport
Fantastic day Charles, learned so much and now to practice.  Great dynamic people who I learned from. Thank you so much very effective
and practical training.
Andrea Green

NLP Essentials Workshop
For therapy practitioners.
I had heard of NLP but didn't really understand it. Charles Vella's NLP Essentials workshop for EFT practitioners was fabulousIt showed me the amazing potential of NLP and not only taught me skills to use with my clients but also general life skills. I would thoroughly recommend it to Practitioners of any kind.
- Samantha Goss

Physical wellness - Life Coaching Solutions therapy options.
I have been suffering from sinus infections & allergies all my life, who would of thought they were due to childhood memories and emotional blockages!

During my session with Charles, I was able to distinguish specific memories that triggered who I was being when feeling threatened and completely transformed myself !
Previously, whenever I felt threatened, I would react in anger. Since my session with Charles, I have been firm, diplomatic and communicated in a way that I never have been able to.
Also, whilst in the session, I had a sinus infection that had been lingering for well over a week, immediately after, the session the pain and pressure was released and hasn't come back !

Thank you Charles; you were born for this and are a master at what you do.
- Paula Theocharides


NLP Essentials Workshop
For Herbalife sales team.
Charles we had a very educational day. Well done for delivering an awesome NLP training day, thank you again.

Maria Mesis

Success Coaching - Career focus
All my life I had this burning desire to help people, even if it meant I gave them everything I had and they gave me nothing in return.     This became quite draining, mentally physically and financially, as I didn't have a freedom around it.    I was more like a prisoner to my automatic behavior.  During my coaching session with Charles, we established where this driver came from;  a childhood memory of my grandfather, wanting his approval and wanting to be "just like him".

Since my session, I now have a new freedom to just be "me" and this means that I can decide (with freedom) to support and assist those who are committed to helping themselves, rather than helping everyone and anyone.   This is a great step for me, because after all, you can't help others unless they are willing to put in the work too.  What a breath of fresh air !
I no longer feel like a prisoner of my 'make a difference' part of me. I can just be free to be 'me'. Thank you Charles; you truly are a leader in your field.
- Paula Theocharides

Personal life Success Coaching
Since your coaching session I feel I value myself a lot more. You inspired me to do other things that I had been procrastinating about. As a result of your coaching, you made me feel
I was worthy of investing in myself and therefore your session was the catalyst that propelled me forward.  I feel I still have some way to go and I really feel like there's hope and possibilities now whereas before I was completely lost. Thank you for all of your help.
Samantha Goss