Future Past.

Is your Future Predetermined by your Past ?
By Charles Vella


As adults we like to think that our actions, behaviours, decisions and choices are our own and independent of past influences like our parents, teachers and or older brothers or sisters…  Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact every action and reaction we have in life is due to acting and reacting from our past.

Our core personalities and behaviours stem from our exposure to life during our early years from birth to about 7 years of age give or take.

During this time we experience imprinting and we learn unconsciously to cope with anxious parents, angry and frustrated parents who yell at each other, parents with vices such as alcohol dependence or who have abusive personalities.   We learn to cope with socialisation in day care centres, being left at day care or preschool for the first time, being accidently lost in a shopping centre to being bullied by older children and even sexual abuse.

Every experience is recorded by the subconscious during every waking minute and reviewed while we sleep; we somehow try to make sense of our world, our parents, teachers, friends and even the bullies we meet in life already.  And the one most common thing we all establish very early on in life is the “I’m NOT good enough” self-talk or feeling.

Then as we grow we behave from our already established coping strategies that were formed at an age when we were too young to know better and un-resourced at the time.

As adults every action and reaction we experience is based on our past experiences and wait for it….  Every plan or dream we have for the future is from that same blueprint of the past..!    We are writing our predetermined futures from the blueprint of our past and a 5 – 7 year old is the draughtsperson… the careers we choose, the friends we keep, the lovers and lifelong partners we attract and even our finances are a direct result of our past teachings or influences.

So am I doomed?  Not at all, if your life is working out just great and you really do love your life and even your I’m not good enough doesn’t get in the way,  then your predetermined future is not a problem at all.

However if you notice areas of your life that you are not happy with and can’t seem to make a change no matter how hard you try, or behaviours you wish you didn’t indulge in or display… Then you really should look for some way to rewrite the past so you can alter your imprinted behaviours or coping strategies.

Working with me; Charles Vella in either coaching or therapy sessions can change the way you naturally behave in life and no longer need to rely on coping mechanisms.

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Investing in Life Coaching


All sorts of everyday people living extraordinary lives chose to invest in life or success coaching. Sports professionals, film or music performers and even most of Australia’s business leaders invest in coaching… So should you?

Life Coaching; be it for business or personal direction is one of the most useful tools that everyday people use to become successful people in order to live extraordinary lives.

These days we live in such an increasingly competitive world, with global financial challenges and the 24hr virtual world the pressure is on to compete. Due to this competitive culture we are dealing with increased performance stresses, mild anxieties and general self-confidence and self-esteem issues.

Through the techniques of coaching and Nero-linguistic Programming (NLP), clients can identify what is most important to them and align their thoughts, words and actions accordingly to their goals or desires.

Professional Life Coaches become the catalyst for change and trans-formative behavior. The benefits of investing in coaching sessions are as unlimited as the individuals desire to succeed, effective coaching impacts and improves the quality
of not only careers, but personal lives also.

Engaging in coaching is about realizing your self-reliance and personal responsibility for your successes.  It’s about taking action, contributing, and making an impact in your own life and perhaps the lives of those around you including your community. 

Simply and powerfully; coaching is about helping people tap into their already existing strengths and capabilities. Our clients already have the answers and sometimes they just need to work in with someone who already believes that they can achieve their goals.  Me; my job is to engage them in a conversation that brings about and surfaces those answers to help clear any obstacles.

By working in a completely confidential, opinion and judgment free environment, my style of coaching breaks down barriers to success and challenges clients to reach new levels of satisfaction and balance in life.

Imagine setting up a goal for yourself and then actually doing whatever it takes to achieve it.  Or imagine finally being able to shake that fear of failure and instead hold a desire to succeed which becomes stronger than any fear could have ever been. 

These benefits can often have a ripple effect throughout business, family, friendships and even communities.  This and more is possible from investing in Coaching.

Interested in what coaching can do for you? Call or email Charles Vella today at www.lifecoachingsolutions.com.au