Charles Vella offers trainings and workshops with an NLP structure and an experience of helping hundreds of his own clients succeed first hand.  Charles brings an authentic style of passion and integrity to his workshops and trainings with an intention to teach and enrich peoples lives.

      NLP Essentials for Sales teams and networking

  • Learn how to gain rapport with any person at any time
  • Increase your sales figures by improving relationships
  • Learn how to speak and sell your products to your clients
    in their preferred buying and negotiation language
  • Learn the NLP secretes to key word predicates
  • Learn to use NLP predicates in advertising materials

      NLP Essentials for EFT and therapy practitioners

  • Learn how to gain rapport quickly and easily with your client
  • Create more effective change by appealing to your clients
    preferred representational systems
  • Increase your sensory acuity to your clients subtle physiology
  • Learn to communicate more effectively with your clients
  • Learn how to write your advertising materials with an NLP influence

      EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique practical basics

  • Learn the basics to EFT and start using it immediately
  • Learn to use EFT on yourself and others with effective results
  • Help your young infants or children through emotional life
    experiences with confidence, calm and simplicity
  • Gain more control in life by gaining confident skills
  • Clear day to day stresses or negativity as they occur immediately

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